What's up with the gerbils and pineapples?

Because they're SWEET! (and they’re actually guinea pigs.)

Why should I work with you?

We believe wholeheartedly that marketing and social media can and should be an honest, positive portrayal of your company. No "one weird trick to's" or "Heartbreaking: You Won't Believe What This Son Grew In His Mom's Basement" going on here.

One thing we've always wholeheartedly believed is that audiences are smarter than you think, and they can sniff out disingenuous marketing pretty quickly. If you believe in your product or business and can effortlessly communicate that feeling to them through the right messaging, then people will start believing—and investing—in you. Those are the kind of clients we’re dying to work with—goal-oriented, honest, and ready to genuinely connect with their audience with products and services that matter.

What is your rate?

Rates depend on the size of the project.

I also offer 1 free 30-minute phone consultation per month to nonprofits who are looking for some guidance in the right direction.

You can send me a message to start the conversation about your project’s marketing needs.